Hello! My name is Roland Bader.
I am passionate about expressing

my vision through photography.

30 years ago, the fever of photography seized me and did not let me go. For years it went into the nature, until then concerts and events as well as sport and reports came to it. The travel photography was one of my responsibilities. As a freelance photo journalist, I discovered the world. People Photography also gave me a lot of pleasure. Now I have landed at the art and hold moments beyond the moment to make them visible to you.

It is very special to record exactly the millisecond of a drop of water that collides on an ascending water column. Or take a picture of an exploding drink can when it's going to blow when the projectile hits. Even with other items such as fruit or light bulbs and glasses, the right moment is crucial to get the perfect picture. With photographic knowledge and technical know how I manage this mostly.

new works

Liquid Art in Black & White

, 2019

Liquid Art Color

Liquid Art in Black & White

Liquid Art in Color

what i do


Fineart in Highspeed

High-speed photography, moments beyond the blink of an eye, are my passion


Dates and Places

It plans exhibitions in different locations. You can find out about exact dates here


Learn from me

I also like to share my knowledge with you. Either in small groups or as individual coaching.

direct sales

Pictures as finart prints

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of my pictures, you have the opportunity in the shop.


6600 Reutte, Austria

Telephone: +43 664 31 94 239