In a Nutshell About me

Roland Bader


My name is Roland Bader and I am passionate about photography. I was born in 1966 in Reutte in Tyrol - Austria. After school and my vocational training as an electrician, I was fascinated by dealing with cameras.
Photography has been with me for 30 years, the last few years I now deal with the fine art and experimental photography. I have been involved in taking photographs myself, by reading countless books and trying out in practice.
For a long time, nature was my favorite playground. Then I got the opportunity for a regional newspaper to write and as a sports and event photographer to be active, here was mainly the football and concerts in the foreground. From Deep Purple to Icebreaker, I had many of the greats of the music out of the photo pit while performing in front of my lens.
Another station of my photographic work was my own small photo studio which I ran for three years. At that time, people photography with clients and models, was the focus of my work.
Due to a burnout and the resulting depression, however, I had to close my studio again and am now "forcibly" retired. But I still do not give up the photography.
The creation of drop photos (Liquid Art) and the shooting of various objects (ballistic photography) are a lot of fun and fill me with great pleasure in my actions.


Your Roland Bader