Born in 1966, I completed my apprenticeship as an electrician after completing compulsory school. After the birth of my daughter it was time to buy my first SLR camera and soon I was drawn to nature to study. Today I am self-taught and I master my craft and now I dedicate myself to experimental photography.


My daughter was born and I bought my first camera.

In order to get better pictures, I started studying books and trying them out myself.

Working in a photography shop inspired me to take even better photos and I discovered travel photography.

This was the time when I started taking photographs and writing for newspapers and thus earning some money from photography.

Now the concert photography started. In this section of my work, countless stars of the music scene were in front of my camera.

This year I completed a six-month online workshop with a focus on people photography.    

I started high-speed photography and have been working on getting better and better since then.

My best models


Professionalism is paramount. The fun is not neglected either.


A great person who takes their work very seriously and always gives 100%.


Full commitment and enjoyment of work are guaranteed. Even cold water doesn't stop here.


Great model from Peissenberg Germany. Always a great experience.


Automatische Informationen

When you visit a website, you share certain information, e.g. B. Your internet protocol

A high speed photo

A high-speed photo is a special work of art, and the greatest sculptures are created.

Photo shooting

People photography challenges the whole art of the photographer.


The equipment for high speed photography

The world's photography in milliseconds need special equipment to create the right workspace for great pictures. However, it is not enough to take the photos, they also need to be skilfully edited.

  • Color correction
  • Retouching
  • Composition
  • Creativity
  • Cutting
  • Artistic elaboration
  • Mastery of technology
  • Mastery of the Adobe CC family
  • Further development of the techniques


“Roland is a very personable photographer who can respond perfectly to your own wishes. You feel comfortable with him from the first moment. I am very happy that I have found him and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Miriam Unterkircher

“Roland is a very patient photographer. He really takes his time for his pictures and knows how to stage his model perfectly. He has very creative ideas and knows how to implement them successfully in a suitable environment. Due to his professional and conscientious nature, I felt very comfortable during the shoot and can only recommend him as a photographer!“

Simi Croft